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The letter of Workers' Initiative to unions

Poznan, 12.02.2005

Dear friends,

Today in Poznan the Delegates of All-Polish Trade Union "Workers' Initiative", that has been founded 6 months ago, met for the first time. Since 2001 as "Workers' Initiative" we have tried to reactivate workers movement built on basis of liberation movement traditions opposite both to capital and to today system of governing. The process of creating new trade union is another step in that way. Our trade union has decided to create its structures in next 2 years, which could effectively defend workers and organize everyday struggle for their rights. We would like our Trade Union to take part in fight for new order that would guarantee pluralism and democratic rights, work and good payment for it.


We are conscious of the difficulties. Today our trade union is still very poor in the number of participants, they take part in 9 plant commissions and environmental ones in Poznan, Lodz, Szczecin, Silesia. But we cooperate very closely with other trade unions and social organizations (most importantly with unemployed people), also we take part in organizing All-polish Workers' Conferences.

We would like to send our honest greetings to all trade unions and organizations supporting syndicalist movement, especially our friends from German FAU and NoService, Swedish SAC and Spanish CGT, with whom we cooperate every day. We thank them for their help and we send them our solidarity.

Delegates of All-Polish Trade Union "Workers' Initiative"

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